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Certified Nutritionist

(her backyard lemon tree in SoCal)  

A quest for a better brownie led founder Chef Suzette to open her own natural bakery. Tired of the same old boring gluten-free cafes in LA and disappointed with limited options for "vegan" and "raw" bakery treats, Suzette decided to make her own gourmet bakery and make it truly gourmet.  


After experimenting with a blend of different organic herb proteins, Chef Suzette was finally satisfied with her unique blend of hemp, pea, maca, flax, moringa, chia and other ancient herbs, to make the best protein powder ever. This "Eternity Protein" is what makes Eternity Bakery taste so delicious while giving your body all the herbal benefits.


Having experienced great success selling her Eternity Bakery herbal treats at farmer's markets throughout Southern California, Chef Suzette is now expanding into several local retailers, and online selling. Check this website in the weeks to come to find a store near you! 

Eternity Bakery

West Hollywood, California, United States

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Drop us a note to tell us how great our bakery is -lol- or if you would like to see us try new flavors... Thanks!! 

We're located in the heart of Los Angeles. Centrally located, you easily get to us from any area in the valley. Our online store offers pickup for orders (to save you shipping), as well as local delivery for orders over $100 (within our 7 mile zone). Please email for details or questions.